A neat, clean, professional appearance at your front door and throughout your facilities is key to giving your customers that good first impression.  That’s why we provide a complete line of attractive and serviceable mats, restroom supplies-tissue, hand towels, and soaps that will enhance your image and keep your costs down.

Entrance mats come in a variety of colors and sizes and are available in custom colors, sizes, and logos for nominal charges.  Mats and dust mops keep your business looking neat and custodial costs in line.  Roll towels and cabinets eliminate waste and keep your restrooms clutter free.

For those who prefer paper towels we a have a complete line of hand towels, tissue paper, soaps, and hand cleaners for most every need.  We will maintain proper inventories and be sure you don’t have to buy by the truckload.

We always look forward to helping you and other customers, thanks for considering A & M Services.