A & M Services, Inc. carries a complete line of textile rentals, including table cloths, napkins, bar towels, glass towels, dish towels, white aprons, and colored aprons.  We also carry machine aprons, regular restaurant aprons, print towels, roll towels, shop towels, and many other items that you may require to keep your business and its linen service needs properly taken care of.  Our service reps maintain inventory at the most efficient levels to help you watch expenses and prevent unnecessary loss charges. 

Our top quality linens are continually upgraded at our expense, not through automatic or unfair loss charges to you, the customer.  Our goal has been to treat customers fairly since 1921 and will continue with our service to you. 

We have reliable and regular delivery schedules you can count on and will never have to say, “I wonder when A & M will be here.”  If emergency or special needs come up our managers, delivery people, and staff are also able to help with “same day service” from our various locations. 

We always look forward to helping you and other customers, thanks for considering A & M Services.