Do you or your employees have professional, consistent, clean uniforms that give your customers the proper image that you wish to convey?  That image is often the first and only impression that people have of your business.  At A&M Services, Inc. we can help you put your “best foot” forward and maintain that image with accurate weekly deliveries of clean and attractive uniforms.

We will meet with your key people to determine styles, colors, and materials that best suit what your business does and the professional image you want to display.  We will keep your garments in top notch shape with regular deliveries, timely repairs or replacements and low cost servicing of additional or former employees as they may come or go.  Renting garments saves you big dollar purchases of new items that can’t easily be worn due to normal turnover.

Coordinated name and company emblems identify your employees and give them a better and more consistent appearance that will help build your team.  Our system of tracking and checking uniforms ensures that shortages are rare and uniform service headaches just don’t show up.  Each customer has their own unique number, day, and route assignment, and individual employee numbers to keep your service on track week after week, year after year. 

We have a wide variety of styles, colors, and materials to outfit everyone from mechanics and service personnel to office wear and executive lines for an extra touch.  We can also supplement your uniform service with coveralls, jackets, or other special items where required.

We have been servicing linen and garment needs of our customers since 1921.  We continue to provide the best in service without the nickel and dime charges that add up to real dollars, which so many big companies try to sneak in.  Give us a call to have a sales representative show you our garment packages and improve your service and image today!

We always look forward to helping you and other customers, thanks for considering A & M Services.